ARCORES has carried out its Child Sponsorship program in Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and the Dominican Republic for a decade. More than 6,000 children in these years have been able to complete their studies and have a better childhood, in contexts in which poverty and violence affect them directly.

The program requires constant creativity on the part of the liaisons, a faithful commitment from the godparents and godmothers, a special effort in their knowledge of the beneficiaries and careful attention to management by the organization.

Behind each sponsorship there is a significant number of people, and it requires a great management effort: godparents and godmothers, staff at headquarters, managers in each place where the program is developed, families and volunteers who help in the activities necessary for the sponsorship objective, which is always the promotion of education.

Likewise, it also requires work to make home visits, training meetings, as well as the management and purchase of materials. In 2017, 1,210 minors - boys and girls - were cared for through sponsorship in 21 centers located in nine nations. In total, the ARCORES Sponsorship program currently has 1,119 sponsors. Of these, 836 come from different parts of Spain, while 283 from the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

"Thanks to your valuable help I have overcome another stage of my life. I hope that with effort and wisdom I will continue my basic cycle and be part of the honor roll of the school." Cristina Gutiérrez - Totonicapán (Guatemala)

Do you want to sponsor a child with ARCORES? We are counting on you

BECOME SPONSOR. With a fee of 15 euros / month, you will allow a child at risk of social exclusion to go to school and complete his/her childhood.