ARCORES is an international network of solidarity structured in country nodes

ARCORES is an international network of solidarity structured in country nodes.

Each country where the Augustinian Recollect family is present has or will have a national ARCORES, constituted as a juridical entity according to the legislation of the country. It is composed of all the branches of the Augustinian Recollect family present in the country. Each branch, with their respective already existing NGOs, institutions and social initiatives.

The National ARCORES has the responsibility to promote and strengthen the work for social justice and solidarity of the Augustinian Recollect family in the country. To this end, it organizes itself in the most convenient way according to its reality, and defines the priorities, lines of action and projects that it will carry out according to its experience, capacity and the social needs of its concrete environment.

Each National ARCORES coordinates with the rest of the National ARCORES; in addition to participating and deciding in ARCORES International. In this way, starting from the reality and concrete social response in each country, ARCORES International defines and coordinates the global response of the Augustinian Recollect family in each area, since it is aware of the needs of each place.

Each National ARCORES has its own organization that allows it:

·       Establishing priorities and strategies to respond to the challenges of its environment.

·       Generating and promoting solidarity and giving sustainability to its structure.

Organigrama web ingles

Management team of ARCORES International



Antonio Carrón de la Torre



Simón Puertas Pérez



Javier Sánchez

National ARCORES

ARCORES Argentina

Person in charge: Ricardo Catete


Person in charge: Fco. Javier Tello Vargas

ARCORES Costa Rica

Person in charge: Víctor González

Person in charge: Simón Puertas Pérez


Person in charge: Francisco Javier Acero


Person in charge: Ángel Herrán


Person in charge: Jazeel Jakosalem

Arcores dominicana

Person in charge: Cruz María Echeverría

Person in charge: Eddy Polo Ángeles