ARCORES is the International Solidarity Network of the Augustinian Recollect (AR) family. It is a network that includes all the social works, projects and solidarity institutions of the Augustinian-Recollect family in the 22 countries where it is present.

The objective of ARCORES is to work for: peace and social justice, the end of poverty, equality and human rights from the Augustinian Recollect charism –interiority of the person and evangelical poverty- and the teachings of Saint Augustine of Hippo.

“You give bread to the hungry, but it would be better if no one were hungry, and thus you would
not have to give anything to eat. You dress the naked, I wish they all had clothes and there was
no such need!”

Saint Augustine

ARCORES aims to be:

• The instrument adapted to the specific social context of each country to carry out actions, activities, projects, work programs for justice, service to the poor and excluded, and promotion of the solidarity of the AR family.
• The privileged channel so that the people, entities, services and ministries of the AR family can live their concrete and lasting commitment in the work for justice and solidarity.

Legally, ARCORES is incorporated as a legally recognized and registered non-profit entity in Italy, where it has its registered office.

What does “ARCORES” mean?

What is ARCORES?

The main objective of ARCORES is to awaken, nurture and accompany the work of promoting social justice and solidarity of the Augustinian Recollect family in each of the countries where we are present, facilitating channels of solidarity for Augustinian Recollect individuals and institutions.

For this reason, ARCORES has been created as an international network that brings together and strengthens organizations, social initiatives and NGOs belonging to or linked to the Augustinian Recollects or their members. It is a family project; a project respectful of diversity and attentive to the concrete reality; and an integral project - it provides complete help.