Siria terremoto

This Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Therefore, ARCORES has just released the report of the project “Emergency Earthquake Turkey – Syria”, which describes the actions carried out in 2023 by the Blue Marists in Aleppo and to which the 20,000 euros contributed from ARCORES in 2023 were

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Un niño en Alepo, Siria

ARCORES continues to collaborate with SED and the Blue Marists in Aleppo after the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. The Brothers no longer have people affected by the earthquake in their facilities. As the weeks passed after the earthquake, they began leaving due to various reasons. In the best of cases, some were able to

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Ayuda terremoto Siria

This April 6, Holy Thursday, marks two months since the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. After the disaster, ARCORES formalized a collaboration agreement with SED, the NGOD of the Marist Family in Spain, to channel the solidarity of the Augustinian Recollect Family and send it directly to the victims of the earthquake. ARCORES has collected,

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