The Philippine Ecumenical Movement gathered for a summer reflection on Peace and Grassroots Development in Tiel (Utrecht, Netherlands), July 18-23. Jaazeal Jakosalem, president of ARCORES International, presented a conference titled “Pursuing Peace, reflection from the heart of Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti” and another one on “Humanitarian issues that impact the climate crisis, with emphasis

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Un niño en Alepo, Siria

ARCORES continues to collaborate with SED and the Blue Marists in Aleppo after the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. The Brothers no longer have people affected by the earthquake in their facilities. As the weeks passed after the earthquake, they began leaving due to various reasons. In the best of cases, some were able to

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boda en Sierra Leona

Domund 2022: ARCORES in Sierra Leone

Judith Arroyo World Mission Day This Sunday, October 23, World Mission Day (Domund), is celebrated throughout the Catholic Church, promoting the missionary spirit and Christian values. This year, World Mission Sunday has as its theme the words of Jesus Christ: “You will be my witnesses” (Jn 15:27). Today, many men and women are being God’s

El proyecto Por Una Vida Digna comienza a dar servicio en San Cristóbal

With eight candidates This week, the services of the project Por Una Vida Digna Adolescentes Embarazadas de ARCORES Dominicana (For a Dignified Life for Pregnant Adolescents of ARCORES Dominicana) will begin in San Cristobal with eight candidates. This was confirmed by Dr. Sandra Solano, director of the program, on Friday, March 18, during the meeting