ARCORES invites you to make the happiest day of your lives a Solidarity wedding

The Augustinian Recollect International Solidarity Network ARCORES invites you to collaborate in your solidarity wedding. We want you to share your happiness with those who need it most and turn this special day for you and your families into a reason for celebration for many others.

Here's how you can do it:

Bodas solidarias

We offer you five options

  1. Add ARCORES to your wedding list. On your wedding list there is a crystal chandelier, tableware, a trip to Paris? Why not include a solidarity project? Any of your guests can contribute to the charity project with whatever they want. It would be a double gift: for you and for the beneficiaries of the ARCORES project of your choice.
  2. Fund an ARCORES project with your gifts. When you receive all your gifts, donate a percentage to a charity project of your choice in the different countries where we are present. ARCORES will provide you with bookmarks with photos of the project so that you can give them to your guests and inform them where you will donate part of their gifts.
  3. Give your guests a handmade gift. You can give your guests an original gift: a wooden handicraft made in Brazil, where ARCORES is present. If you wish, the gift can be personalized exclusively for you. -Not available in 2018-.
  4. Collaborate with a solidarity gift: What are you going to give to your guests? We propose a simple and inexpensive gift, of which we will donate a part to the ARCORES project of your choice. You can choose between a cardboard heart, a cardboard photo frame, a card with a picture of you, a bookmark to place next to the menu, a badge...
  5. Do you have another idea? We are listening. If you have another idea for a solidarity wedding, let us know and together we will make it happen.

How to do it?

Contact us at or call + 34 915 333 959

Projects with which you can collaborate

Project 1 Support to the program Amanecer Feliz de Breves, in Marajó (Brazil). It consists of school reinforcement and feeding of children from underprivileged families.

Total cost of the project: 15,000 euros.

Project 2 Construction of a bathroom with shower, toilet and septic tank to improve the hygiene of poor families in Lábrea (Brazil).

Total cost of the project: 1,800 euros.

Project 3 Purchase of medicines and medical supplies for the San Judas Tadeo medical center in Caracas (Venezuela).

Total project cost: 4,000 euros.

Project 4 Care program for the psychological recovery of 36 girls victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence in Fortaleza (Brazil).

Total project cost: 5,000 euros.

Project 5 New improved kitchens to improve hygiene and nutrition in the village of Nuevos Aires in Cajamarca (Peru).

Each kitchen has a cost of 325 euros. The project is 9,750 euros in total.

You can contribute to these projects with the amount you wish. The amount indicated is the total cost.