Dibujo sobre ecología

By Jaazeal Jakosalem, ARCORES International’s president Read the first part of this article here. Advancing to protect nature Pope Francis presents a clear manifestation of his ecological message that as faith communities we need to commit “the world that surrounds us is not an object of exploitation, unbridled use and unlimited ambition” (LD, 25). Thus,

Dibujo sobre ecología

By Jaazeal Jakosalem, ARCORES International’s president Laudate Deum (LD) brings a detailed call of Pope Francis to address the climate crisis within a specific timeline for climate action, recalling his message in Laudato Si’: “I wanted to share with all of you, my brothers and sisters of our suffering planet, my heartfelt concerns about the

San Agustín y refugiados

This year’s theme is “Free to choose whether to migrate or to stay” for the 109th World Day of Migrants and Refugees, with Pope Francis inviting us with a prayer for our communities and wherever we are in spaces of encounters: God, Father Almighty, grant us the grace to work tirelessly for justice, solidarity and

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Georgene Quilaton-Tambiga, ARCORES Filipinas One Recollect family, indeed Thomasians turned over cash donation to Colegio de Sta. Rita de San Carlos, Inc. (CSR) amounting to Php 35,000, today. The help for Ritarians was collected during the Feast Day Mass in honor of St. Ezekiel Diaz Moreno (anticipated) last August 18. Thomasians, including students, parents, teachers,

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ARCORES en la JMJAR. Foto de OAR

ARCORES, with young people at ARWYD

On July 28, Jaazeal Jakosalem OAR, president of ARCORES International, and Javier Sánchez, executive director of the Solidarity Network, participated in the ARWYD (Augustine Recollect World Youth Days), a meeting of the ARY (Augustine Recollect Youth) in Salamanca, prior to their participation in the Lisbon WYD. The meeting brought together, at the University Residence of

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The Philippine Ecumenical Movement gathered for a summer reflection on Peace and Grassroots Development in Tiel (Utrecht, Netherlands), July 18-23. Jaazeal Jakosalem, president of ARCORES International, presented a conference titled “Pursuing Peace, reflection from the heart of Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti” and another one on “Humanitarian issues that impact the climate crisis, with emphasis

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Un niño en Alepo, Siria

ARCORES continues to collaborate with SED and the Blue Marists in Aleppo after the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. The Brothers no longer have people affected by the earthquake in their facilities. As the weeks passed after the earthquake, they began leaving due to various reasons. In the best of cases, some were able to

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Parte de la familia en Guam

Some little shoes from my piggy bank

By Fernando Martin OAR, ARCORES Spain “- Look, family, they just sent me some photos from Guamote [Ecuador]! They are from the communities and the people we are going to be with. – Let’s see, Mom. -I want to see them too. I want to see where grandma will be going. -Calm down, Olimpia, we’ll

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2fase proyecto adolescentes embarazadas ARCORES Dominicana

On June 1, ARCORES Dominican began the second phase of the Por una Vida Digna Integral project for pregnant adolescents. At this stage of the program, the young women will receive, divided into two groups, workshops on entrepreneurship and trades, in which the adolescents’ partners and parents will also be able to participate. This second

Asamblea de ARCORES Argentina

On June 1, the I General Assembly of ARCORES Argentina took place in the conference room of the Colegio Agustiniano in Buenos Aires. At the meeting, Augusto Uriarte OAR assumed the presidency, replacing Ricardo Catete OAR. Both members and volunteers from the capital attended in person, while residents from Mar del Plata, Santa Fe and

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Trabajo infantil Sierra Leona

By René González, ARCORES Brazil A few years ago I had the opportunity to live in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The first thing that caught my attention when I left the airport in Freetown were the huge potholes or holes in the city streets and “highways”. Paved streets and roads would be a luxury in

Asamblea Internacional

From June 28-30, the ARCORES International Assembly was held at the Solidarity Network’s technical office in Madrid. On the first day, the 2019-2022 strategic plan, which has just been finalized, was evaluated. Javier Sanchez, director of ARCORES International, highlighted as main achievements of this period: the implementation of specific social projects, the creation of new