Global Doodle for Peace

An ARCORES Campaign for Peace

We aim to bring global awareness for Peace, that the wars will end through Peace, and that there will be no victims of war—women, children, old people, and all of us.

Our activity is simple, we ask interested individuals (or groups) to color or ‘doodle’ one common design for Peace, entitled “hoping for Peace in Bethlehem”.

Download the image here.

This campaign is an appropriate creative tool to amplify our common desire for Peace especially in our Christmas celebration—together welcoming the Peace that Jesus brings.

Our activity symbolizes our global desire for Peace, which each of us yearns and prays for, becoming artisans for peace in the midst of wars between Hamas and Israel causing dehumanizing suffering among Palestinians and Israelis, between Ukraine and Russia; and in civil conflicts in other countries.
The design is available in pdf for download on this link:

And once the design is “doodled” with colors:

  • Send a scanned copy to our email Messages and the participant’s name can be written on the back of the printed design.
  • Or, better yet, post it with the hashtag #DoodlePeace on social media. Don't forget to name ARCORES:

Doodle Activity Guide

For Teachers, Catechists, Social Workers and organizers


Organize a group (young people, school children, or retired persons), and gather in an appropriate place for drawing or ‘doodle’ activity.


Prepare the materials for the activity (printed copies of the Global Doodle for Peace of ARCORES, colored pens or crayons or other art materials).


3. Commence the activity with the Peace Prayer by St. Francis of Assisi.


Introduce the purpose of the activity (as outlined in the introductory note).


Begin the Doodle activity (15 to 30 minutes).


Allow each participant to share and reflect on his/her piece of colored artwork.


Conclude the activity by asking the participants to make a commitment for peace in the parish, in the school and in their families, and to share the message of the campaign.