Heart Solidarity Campaign (ENG)

We care for life, we protect humanity

This year's Heart Solidarity Campaign motto could not be a better one: Caring for Life, Protecting Humanity. The covid-19 has forced us to give our best, to search in our hearts and to hold on to our faith more tightly in order to move forward and help those who have less.

The first news from China at the beginning of 2020 did not foreshadow what would happen shortly thereafter. The emergence of the virus called covid-19 and its rapid spread in the form of a pandemic throughout the planet is changing our way of life and, above all, is causing a new and painful economic crisis worldwide.

As it is usually the case in economic recessions, once again, people with informal jobs (street vendors, seasonal workers, etc.) are the most vulnerable, and this crisis has been no exception. Due to state-imposed quarantines around the world, thousands of families have seen their meager incomes disappear completely. For this reason, ARCORES International has multiplied its efforts to offer support to the greatest number of people, especially the poorest.

This year's campaign will serve to highlight each project that has been launched in the different countries where the Augustinian Recollect Family is present. Likewise, as a result of the participation in this Heart Solidarity Campaign 2020, some of these initiatives can be extended and strengthened. It is important that we participate in the Campaign. It is a reflection of the obligation that we have as Christians towards those most in need: we must take care of each individual in order to protect all humanity.

When can Heart Solidarity Campaign be held?

From September 2020 to the end of March 2021; when each community, school, parish, youth group, etc., of the Augustinian Recollect Family deems it appropriate, according to their characteristics, circumstances and calendar of activities.

How to participate in the Heart Solidarity Campaign?

The best way is to follow the invitation made by the Prior General in his letter for the Campaign:

  • Unite our hearts in prayer, praying the final prayer of the encyclical Laudato Si’.
  • Use the materials previously described for the day, and make a specific gesture that expresses care for the common home.
  • Share the activities carried out in your community, school, parish, youth group, etc., through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Jcs20; or send by email to: comunicacion@arcores.org
  • Collaborate financially with the projects presented on this Heart Solidarity Campaign 2020, depositing donations and contributions exclusively in one of the following bank accounts:


Headline: ARCORES (€)
IBAN: IT33E020080513400010577805
Bic code Swift: UNCRITMMXXX
Unicredit Bank

Headline: ARCORES-Red Solidaria Internacional
IBAN: ES36 0075 0241 4806 0079 4829
Bic code Swift: POPUESMM
Santander Bank


Headline: ARCORES-Red Solidaria Internacional
IBAN: ES19 0081 0640 6700 7199 0313
Bic code Swift: BSABESBB
Sabadell Bank

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