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Dispensario Dominicana
Dispensario Médico San Agustín
SEE MORE San Agustin Medical Dispensary
St. Augustine Medical Dispensary

Administered by the social ministry of the San Agustín Parish in the municipality of Bajos de Haina, it offers health services in various areas within a population demarcation with high levels of poverty, industrial pollution, population density, and deficient public services.

San Agustin Medical Dispensary

Proyecto Para Una Vida Digna
SEE MORE Project for a Dignified Life
Project for a Dignified Life

That cares for and accompanies young pregnant women, in collaboration with the San Agustín dispensary. It offers medical, psychological and legal support to pregnant adolescents between 11 and 17 years of age. It also provides family follow-up that includes home visits. It also plans to manage technical training for mothers in order to provide them with a means of economic support.

Project for a Dignified Life